How to delicious stuffed cupcakes

How to delicious stuffed cupcakes

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Preheat oven (350 degrees F). Make cake mix as directed on the boxes

Mix cake mixes in two separate bowls as directed by the boxes / mix.


Once everything is smooth set up the cupcake pans

Fill cupcake linings half way with cake mix

Cook until golden brown, we cooked them for 15 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Smooth off any imperfection, to add filling cut a circle towards the middle, add filling (or fruit), then add a small piece of cake as a lid.

I added strawberries :) Yum! (Make sure you slice them into halves or thirds) If you don't like fruit add chocolate cream or a sweet cream :)

Like this

Add a piece of cake to keep the shape of the cupcake for icing.

Icing; dollop a spoonful of icing onto a cupcake and swirl with a knife or fill a piping bag with icing and pipe around the cupcake in a spiral towards the center.

Ice the cupcakes with your favorite icing, we used strawberry and chocolate icing.


Eat! Enjoy!

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