How to sew a button

How to sew a button

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In less than 20 minutes, you can swap out a new set of buttons on an old jacket for a fresh look that’ll bring the thrill back to the season.

Start by cutting off existing buttons and removing any excess thread. Coat fabric tends to be thicker, so thicker thread is necessary. Thread your needle and double tie a knot to close the loop.

Line up your button to the holes left by the old button. From the underside of the coat, push the needle through the fabric, pull it tight, and loop it through the round hook of the button.

Loop your thread through the round hook of the button and then back into the fabric of the top side of the coat. Try to stay as close to the prior button holes as possible.

Pass the thread into the fabric of the top side of the coat and up again through the round hook of the button. Continue looping several times until the button is secure.

Once the button is fully secure, create a shank by wrapping your thread a few times around the threads which are holding the button to the jacket.

After shanking, loop your needle back through to the underside of the jacket. Loop needle through existing threads a few times, tie it off, then repeat. Complete process by cutting off excess thread.

Admire your work.

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