How to make bubur ayam jakarta (jakarta chicken porridge)

How to make bubur ayam jakarta (jakarta chicken porridge)

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This recipe is a culmination of two of my previous posts, please refer to them before trying this: How to make an Indonesian soto soup & how to make a basic Indonesian Sambal

This is perhaps one of the most common breakfast choices for the average Jakarta resident. This recipe is modeled after my favourite stall in Mangga Besar road, West Jakarta.

First step is to make the porridge, you could use a rice cooker to make this. The general ratio is 1:2 (raw rice: water). Do not use Basmathi rice as its lacks the starch to make a porridge.

Mix the cooked rice and chicken stock together. Cook over a small fire stirring consistently till a porridge forms. Add water if necessary. It should resemble Grits.

Dish out the porridge to a deep dished plate.

Add the soto soup over the porridge.

Finally, garnish with shredded chicken, scallions, cakwe bread, shallot oil, soy sauce, deep fried soy or peanuts, melinjao crackers and sweet soy sauce. Add a shake of white pepper. Enjoy!

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