How to make a flannel quilt

How to make a flannel quilt

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Iron out creases in fabric so that it is flat and will not bunch.

Unroll the batting and cut the 72 x 90 packaged batting on the fold so that you have one single layer. You can use the other piece to make another quilt.

Sandwich batting between flannel and use quilt basting spray on each side of fabric to hold fabric in place. Make sure that fabric and batting lay flat.

Use free motion quilting or draw lines or design using chalk to mark.

After machine quilting, cut raw straight edges.

Binding - cut six 3 x 44 inch strips of fabric. Miter together. Sew raw edge of binding to edge of quilt. Miter corners. Fold binding over edge of quilt and sew reverse side, stitch in the ditch.

Get comfy with your quilt, put your feet up and relax.

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