This Space Themed Birthday Cake Is out of This World

This Space Themed Birthday Cake Is out of This World

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Space fanatics will be blown away by this spectacular space themed birthday cake. The space themed cake was created by Naushee (who goes by the name Pedagiggle on Imgur) for her 4-year-old son Ilyas. Naushee wanted to create a multi-layered space-inspired birthday cake that was as (inter)stellar inside as it is on the outside.

[Image Source: Pedagiggle via imgur]

This space themed birthday cake is a true showstopper. The outside of the cake is decorated with hand-painted planets among the stars. The top of the cake features a rocket ship ready for blast off.

The excitement does not end there. Slicing the cake reveals an entire solar system. The inside of the cake features Earth, Mars as well as the mesmerizing swishes and swirls of the Milky Way.

[Image Source: Pedagiggle via imgur]

Finding The Perfect Recipe

Naushee said, "I wanted to make a galaxy/space cake that was space-y on the outside, but also space-y on the inside.” She looked for a recipe of a space cake that would meet her expectation but could not find one. “I could not find a recipe,” she said, “so I had to improvise.”

Creating the Masterpiece

Naushee started off using a vanilla flavoured cake recipe. She needed a white cake in order to have “true colors and white galaxy/Milky Way swirls.” She used food coloring to color the cake batter for the different planets and sun. The cake is made of a variety of different colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The overall cake is a beautiful dark purple color. The other colors were used to create spheres using cake pop molds. The cake pops were incorporated into the overall cake after they were pre-baked. They were then added to the cake batter before the rest of the cake was baked. The other astronomical details were created by swirling different colored batter into the purple base of the cake.

[Image Source: Pedagiggle via imgur]

So if you are ever planning a space themed birthday party, you know that the space-y birthday cake is the way to go. With some space decor and space themed cupcakes and biscuits, this will definitely ensure an unforgettable birthday party.

[Image Source: Pedagiggle via imgur]

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Written by Terry Berman

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